About Me

I was born in Porto, in the North of Portugal.

In my early teenage years, like many other teenagers, I became entranced by music. At the time I sincerely believed my life would be centred around the Music Industry. I later began to understand that Sound didn’t need to be only “musical”. As new horizons appeared, I started to uncover the world of Sound Design.

In 2009, I began this journey when I enrolled in the Sound and Image Bachelor Degree at Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP). After finishing the degree in 2012, I started my two-year Master’s Degree in Sound Design in the same institution (concluded in late 2014) and began a freelance career in the Audiovisual Industry in Portugal.

During this time I worked in many projects in the different areas of the entertaining business. These included location sound recording, sound post-production, live music mixing, advertisement, institutional videos, etc.

In October 2015 I moved to Vancouver, Canada, to attend Vancouver Film School‘s one-year Sound Design for Visual Media program.

I am currently living in Lisbon where I’ve resumed my freelance work. I started teaching post-sound optional courses at the B.A. in Sound and Image at UCP  in September 2017.


As I said, music is a big part of my life. My favourite band (for the past decade, and for decades to come) is Iron Maiden.

Other than Film, TV and Video-games, I’m a big football fan (or soccer if you are from North-America) and I’m a passionate supporter of my home city club: Futebol Clube do Porto.

I love reading (both novels and comic books) and my favourite writer is Neil Gaiman.